13 Favorite Things about Pretty Little Liars 3.13, “This Is a Dark Ride”

Happy Halloweeeeen! What better way to celebrate this candy-and-costumes holiday than re-living our favorite parts of last week’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween extravaganza — “This Is a Dark Ride.”

13. The spookified opening credit sequence — loved it last season, and love it this year. PLL tradition!

12. Spencer’s hair. These gifs pretty much say it all. Epic. Even when being blown every which way on that windy, windy train. Troian’s hair is always impressive, but she was flawless in this episode.

11. Creepy blonde ghost girl!! What was the deal with poor little cold tortured ghost child? Was she really there? Or has Ashley gone crazy and somehow just imagined the very same little girl we saw in last season’s Halloween episode in Ali’s creepy story about the twin sisters who fought over their dolls? Are we going down a twin path, PLL?

10. Nothing scarier than creepy masks and this episode had, like, every variety of creepy. Pick your poison! The zombie-baby-doll returned, plus Caleb’s phantom-type mask — also worn by his handsy imposter! — and the masked creeper who drugged Aria and Mona’s freaky homemade mask and that shiny mannequin mask. Make the nightmares end!

9. The flashbacks to the night Ali died! Instead of just giving us a fun but fluffy Halloween episode, we got serious clues. Can we trust what Garrett told Spencer to be true? How scary/awesome was the field hockey stick moment with Ali making Garrett fake her death? Twist!

8. The body bag in the ice. Did not see that coming. And poor Jason.

7. The awkwardness of watching Toby dance to Adam Lambert. Really liked overthinking this moment: like, Toby is all on the A Team and plotting dastardly plans and stuff, but OMG it’s Adam Lambert, better make the floor burn!

6. The twisted allegation that Byron Montgomery was somehow involved in Ali’s death. Ew. And also, yuck. But maybe…? There was certainly a weirdness about Ali’s obsession with Byron’s affair — especially when you consider the whole trash-Byron’s-office thing. Was Ali keeping more secrets about Byron than Aria knew?

5. Mona’s singing the teddybear picnic song. That childhood favorite will never be the same. If there was an award for simultaneously being the creepiest and prettiest singer, Janel Parrish would win. Her asylum-Mona portrayal is perfection.

4. The train! Just totally the perfect setting for the episode. They’re trapped with A; it’s such a classic murder-mystery thing (hello, Agatha Christie!) and a Hitchcock thing; and it’s got that retro allure. If only trains were guaranteed to be A-free . . .

3. Paige beating up A. Last we saw Paige she was the victim needing rescue, so it was satisfying to see her turn the tables. Is it dangerous that Emily’s told her all about A? Answer: of course. it’s A.

2. Ashley’s outfit and how she was just owning it. She’s dating a pastor; she’s a grown-up; she’s spending the night at home handing out candy to the under-10 set — and she’s dressed as a sexy nurse. And looks amazing.

1. Aria in the crate. With Garrett’s corpse. Terrifying. As if that wasn’t enough, girlfriend has to saw the tape off her wrists using a surely rusty nail. Get a tetanus shot, Aria! And post-traumatic stress counselling!

Least favorite part of the episode? Remembering how much Pretty Little Liars is so totally enthralling and then having to wait til the winter for new episodes.


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