Pretty Little Liars Season 3B So Far…

Crissy here! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged on Pretty Little Liars, but that does not mean I have not been loving season 3B so far. Some highlights and questions…(with spoilers up to and including “Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Inferno”!)


  • The whole Byron mystery freaked me right out of town. The relationship between Aria and her pops has been such a huge part of the show since the beginning, and the revelation that he saw Ali the night she died was sooooo creepy and felt like such a betrayal. Especially after they finally reconnected! Even though it was great and creepy, the Meredith Is the Crazy One wrap-up was a little unsatisfying, and frankly I still do not entirely trust Byron.
  • Because on PLL, can you really ever trust anyone? Not Toby… I’m glad it didn’t take too too long for Spencer to find out about him, and it is gutting (and totally realistic) to see how destroyed she is by his betrayal. Even if in the end there’s some altruistic reason that he’s on the A Team (and trying to run over Lucas and terrorizing Emily and Paige and Hanna…), I don’t think I could forgive a guy who put me through that.
  • Oh Spencer. She thinks school is pointless! Spencer Hastings! When she tore up that picture of herself — so symbolic! ::tears:: I’m glad she hired the private eye to find A’s lair, rather than going to see Toby (ya, I thought she was texting him…). But not telling the girls that Toby is on the A-Team? Not cool. That just puts your best friends in serious serious danger.
  • Where is Melissa? Meredith’s AWOL in Mystic Falls, and Melissa’s AWOL in Rosewood. I need some Torrey DeVitto onscreen in one of my favorite crazy fictional small towns!
  • Who is Ali’s baby daddy? Is it Wilden? Was she really pregnant? Was she so desperate for money from Byron because she needed money for an abortion?
  • When will we meet the Mysterious Lady in Red who’s pulling the strings of the A-Team? Soon please! And more CeCe. I love her. (Is CeCe the Lady in Red? I’m hoping for a bookish twist instead…)

Is it Tuesday yet??



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