about jen & crissy

Jen Knoch is an editor at ECW Press and the founder of the Keepin’ it Real Book Club, where you’ll find her thoughts on books she reads and on other book-related adventures.

Crissy Calhoun works with Jen at ECW Press, as its managing editor, and she also writes companion guides to The Vampire Diaries (the Love You to Death series). Her first book was a companion to the first two glorious seasons of Gossip Girl.

One fine day while toiling at ECDubs HQ, Jen and Crissy decided they should join forces to write books together about subjects they love — hey, half the work, double the glory! — and Liv Spencer was born. (Fun fact: our pen name is a combo of Olivia and Spencer, the children of one of ECW’s pop-culture-minded bosses.)

Despite book-writing being kind of a heck of a lot of work, we can’t seem to stop — there’s nothing better than diving into something we’re fans of and emerging 60,000 words later looking a little haggard but feeling even more in love with our subject than when we pitched the idea to the editorial team at ECW. And once our little books go out into the world, it is the best, most nerve-wracking thing to hear what readers think! So send all your feedback our way — reviews heartily welcome.

Jen and Crissy


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