YouTube review of Rosewood Confidential

“This was phenomenal, it was so interesting! . . . Definitely check this out if you’re a big Pretty Little Liars fan like me.”

Thanks for this iPhone review, beautyequalshate; seeing your review pop up in our google alert was a great start to the day!


Love from the PLLers for Rosewood Confidential

Remember the time Keegan Allen a.k.a. Toby Frickin Cavanaugh instagrammed/tweeted about our book? We do. We shall never ever forget.

Remember that other time when Andy Reaser, writer on Pretty Little Liars, twitter-surprised us (that’s a thing, right?) with enthusiastic and kind words about Rosewood? We do — because Crissy screen-capped that day-making glory. (Nerd, yes.)


It is a surreal/awesome thing for the people who make Pretty Little Liars to be reading our book about the show — and that folks like Andy and Norman Buckley like the book? It makes our hearts explode. Thankfully not literally.

‘Rosewood’ in the Toronto Star

Rosewood Confidential, a look inside Pretty Little Liars, the hit summer show on ABC Family and MuchMusic in Canada.

‘While the target audience for the show is teen, the demographics reveal that it’s also a guilty pleasure TV for the 30-something set too,’ Creasey adds.”

Rosewood Confidential: the perfect beach read! thanks for the shout-out in the Toronto Star, Erin!

RT to Win ‘Rosewood Confidential’: Contest Winners!

Rosewood Confidential

Happy PLL Day! Thanks to everyone who entered today’s twitter contest to win a copy of Rosewood Confidential! Winners, please email me your mailing address — crissycalhoun [at] gmail [dot] com — and I’ll send you a signed copy post-haste!

The three lucky winners are…





If you’d like to buy a signed copy, head over to ECW Press! Rosewood Confidential is also available from your local bookstore & e-retailers including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Chapters Indigo.