Exciting News! Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition

Over two years ago, we wrote Taylor Swift: Every Day Is a Fairytale, a biography of the sparkly superstar who was just gearing up to release Speak Now at the time. She was a big deal then, and she’s an even bigger deal now. The fearless songwriter just won’t quit. She just released her fourth studio album, Red, and in case you didn’t know, she’s sold approximately a bajillion copies. She’s showing more range and more courage than ever, not to mention she’s sporting some fierce red lipstick.

T-Swizzle is on fire, and we figured we needed to update our book to reflect all of Taylor’s most recent developments, in and out of the studio. So we’re happy to announce that in June, we’ll be releasing Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition. We’re working away at decoding lyrics, analyzing videos, and writing about Swifty’s last two years in the fast lane.

Basically we’re listening to Taylor Swift all. the. time. And it’s pretty magical.

If you are so inclined, the Platinum Edition is already available for pre-order at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, & Barnes and Noble.

love, love, love